Sniper Enhanced Decisions In-Time

A tactics course for today’s modern SWAT sniper

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The purpose of this 16-hour program is to advance tactical deployment skills for the SWAT sniper, when using a motor vehicle for high risk surveillance. Expert practitioners from the field of law enforcement designed the tactics, techniques and procedures contained in this lesson plan. The primary focus of SEND IT is to provide the SWAT sniper with practical live-fire capabilities using a motor vehicle as an unconventional shooting platform in preparation for high-risk surveillance including but not limited to; patrol operations, warrant service, hostage rescue, or barricaded gunman incidents. SEND IT starts in a classroom environment, transitions to off range surveillance exercises and culminates into a progressive time constrained live-fire range exercise to speed decision making, refine mental recognition and improve accuracy. All tactical scoped rifles and magnified optics must be sighted in prior to class. SEND IT addresses the following topics;

  • Covert vehicle surveillance

  • Reconnaissance and mapping

  • Vehicle hides

  • Examination of terminal ballistics

  • Observation, range estimation and memory recall

  • Alternate weapon support platforms

  • Tactical marksmanship from in and around a motor vehicle

Justification for the SWAT sniper/observer


The sniper/observer is one of the most valuable assets of any law enforcement tactical team and is tasked with critical missions to ensure SWAT commanders have accurate and up-to-date information. The sniper/observer must demonstrate not only proficiency in said weapons system but also the mental composure in situations that are tense, uncertain and rapidly involving. SEND IT will challenge the sniper/observer to perform at higher than expected levels and will validate their role in a tactical team environment. This course will not only enhance the sniper/observer’s individual field craft capacities but the over-all operational team tactics of their special unit.



All students are required to have completed a basic sniper, designated marksman or magnified AR-15 program prior to the commencement of this course along with having good driving habits. One third of the curriculum involves off-range target reconnaissance and scouting of various sites. Students will be reminded that strict obedience of all traffic laws is required and must be adhered to during this program.


SWAT sniper equipment requirements 

All snipers are required to bring the following equipment at the commencement of training:

  • Unmarked vehicle

  • Civilian clothing for all activities

  • Pre-zeroed scoped rifle in .308 caliber

  • Scoped rifle sling

  • Scoped AR-15 type rifle in 5.56 mm with sling

  • 3 AR-15 magazines

  • AR-15 magazine pouch

  • Duty belt

  • Binoculars

  • Range finder

  • Spotting scope

  • Tripod with rest

  • Bipod

  • All operational gear

  • Body armor 

  • Eye protection

  • Hearing protection (earplugs)

  • 200 rounds of quality .308 ammo

  • 250 rounds of AR-15 ammo

  • Carrying case or drag bag

  • Cleaning equipment

  • Raingear

  • Pack

  • Notebook and pen

  • Logbook

  • Lunch and beverage

Vehicle hide making materials will be provided for each student during this training program.

*All tactical scoped rifles must be sighted in prior to class.

*A magnified optic is preferred for the AR-15 but is not mandatory for the SWAT sniper.

This course has been certified by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board.  It is not reimbursable by the ILETSB.