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We at Final Defense Institute take a unique approach to concealed carry training.  This approach separates our curriculum from the rest.  What's unique?


  • Each instructor brings real world operational experience to your course.  

  • Each instructor at Final Defense Institute has been involved in verified high-level justified use of force incident(s). 

  • Each instructor has been working, training, employing, teaching and carrying a firearm most, if not all, of their adult life. 

  • Each instructor will provide high quality opened minded firearms instruction regardless of your experience. 

Our authorized Illinois concealed carry training courses exceed all, if not most in the state.  Why?


  • After the 8th hour, of a 16-hour course, we move the classroom outdoors to a private live-fire range. 

  • You will receive "hands-on" training while still satisfying the state mandated training requirements. 

  • You will expend on average between 250 - 300 of ammunition. 

  • You will train and certify with the firearm you wish to carry on the street.

  • You will prepare in the environment you will most likely will defend your life or the life of another, the outdoors. 


Additional topics include, but are not limited to;

Methods concealment

Pistol draw from concealment



Tactical reloads

Malfunction clearance drills

Self aid

It’s not a matter of “if” it happens, but “when”.  “When” it happens how prepared will you be?  Start your training today.  And remember, you must know what you can do, before you can do it.  The time is now. 


Sign up below and start your road to concealed carry today.  Classes are forming. 

Eric Perkins

Director of Training

Final Defense Institute, LLC 


Final Defense Institute Concealed Carry Course Equipment Requirements:

  • *Semi-automatic pistol or revolver

  • *3 magazines

  • *250-300 rounds of quality ammunition

  • *Eye and Ear Protection

  • *Holster (shoulder holsters are NOT permitted)

  • *Magazine Pouches

  • Concealment clothing (t-shirt, light jacket, vest or coat)

  • Clothing suitable for range activity - all live-fire training is outdoors

  • Lunch and water/juice.

*$30.00 rental fee for students in need of any of the listed equipment requirements.  Ammunition will be at our cost, approximately $80.00 extra.  Use the drop down to clarify your equipment needs.