Final Defense Level 2 Pistol is a 4 hour firearms education course designed for firearms owners who have participated in a previous formalized firearms training program.  This is a perfect transition-training course and can be combined with Level 1 pistol for an 8-hour training day.  Proof of previous training is required in most cases.


The curriculum will require the student to understand the fundamentals of marksmanship during a progressive, challenging and fun course.  The topics of instruction include, but are not limited to; Stance, Grip, Trigger Control, Sight Alignment, loading, unloading and methods of malfunction clearance.  All training will be conducted outdoors on a private live-fire range.  Upon successful completion of this course, a Certificate of Achievement shall be awarded.

Course Prerequisite:   Successful completion of Final Defense Level 1 Pistol or documented training from a verified source. Final Defense reserves the right to approve or deny all forms of previous training. All Documentation must be presented no later than 48-hours prior to the start of the course.

Course size is limited is 20 students.

Course Equipment Requirements:                   

  •    Semi-automatic pistol or revolver

  •    250 rounds of quality ammunition

  •    Eye and Ear Protection

  •    Clothing suitable for outdoor range activity

  •    Lunch and water/juice.

  •    Founding chair

Tuition  $125.00