Final Defense Institute Level 3 Defensive Pistol is an 6-hour firearms training course designed for firearms owners who possess a moderate level of formalized firearms training and is the right course for persons who already possess a concealed carry license (CCL).  Proof of a concealed carry license or permit is required. Level 3 Defensive Pistol will require students to balance their own individual skill and confidence against time constrained shooting evolutions in a dynamic and fluid training environment.   Students should be prepared for a low level of physical activity.  All training will be conducted outdoors on a private live-fire range.  Upon successful completion of this course, a Certificate of Achievement shall be awarded. 

Topics Include:

  • Firearms Ownership and the Law

  • Loading/unloading                                                                      

  • Stance

  • Movement

  • Drawing from the Holster (shoulder holsters are NOT permitted)

  • Grip

  • Trigger control

  • Sight Alignment

  • Shot Placement

  • Reloading

  • Scanning

  • Methods of malfunction clearance

  • Physical Fitness and nutrition

  • Survival Mindset

  • Basic emergency medical wound treatment awarenes

Course size is limited to 20 students.

Course Prerequisite:   Successful completion of Final Defense Level 2 Pistol or documented training from a verified source. Final Defense reserves the right to approve or deny all forms of previous training. All Documentation must be presented no later than 48 hours prior to the start of the course.

Course Equipment Requirements:         

  •   Valid Concealed Carry License or Permit

  •   Semi-automatic pistol or revolver

  •   400 rounds of quality ammunition

  •   Eye and  Ear Protection

  •   Holster (shoulder holsters are NOT permitted)

  •   Magazine Pouches

  •   Clothing suitable for range activity

  •   Lunch and water/juice.

  •   Folding chair

Tuition          $175.00