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The purpose of this one-of-a-kind (16-hour) live-fire law enforcement program is to improve tactical pistol deployment skills for plainclothes tactical law enforcement officers.  The tactics, techniques and procedures contained in this lesson plan were designed by expert practitioners from the field of law enforcement for plainclothes tactical officer survival.   The primary focus of PREVAIL is to provide plainclothes tactical law enforcement officers with practical live-fire weapons handling capabilities in situations involving motor vehicles, such as; buy-bust operations, vehicle team bail outs, vehicle team take downs and suspect extractions.  PREVAIL will attempt to mimic the plainclothes tactical officers’ environment by introducing various types of threat and non-threat imagery to improve mental recognition and response time.  In-addition to vehicle operations, PREVAIL identifies the difficulties plainclothes tactical officers may encounter, during high-risk investigations in public settings and street encounters.  PREVAIL addresses the following topics;

  • Threat identification and decision making

  • Police identification

  • Expedient self-trauma care

  • Plainclothes tactical shooting drills

  • Vehicle team bail out drills

  • Vehicle takedowns

  • Shooting from in and around a motor vehicle

  • Suspect extractions

Plainclothes tactical officers require higher levels of live-fire proficiency and are often over looked with the majority of training geared toward uniform patrol or specialized tactical teams.  Plainclothes tactical officers work in environments that necessitate the correct application of firearms handling, decision making and team work. PREVAIL will introduce and refine weapons handling skills through the use of live-fire decision making scenarios for those officers assigned to street level drug enforcement and suspect apprehension, including; narcotics officers, gang officers, detectives, task force members, and specialty units working plainclothes or undercover operations.



  • Seasonal civilian clothing.  Bring rain gear.

  • NO shorts or sandals

  • Notebook and pen

  • Body armor

  • Holster

  • Duty belt

  • Magazine pouches

  • Hearing protection (ear plugs)

  • Eye protection (safety glasses)

  • Police ID (badge) belt or chain mounted

  • Duty pistol

  • 3 serviceable pistol magazines

  • 500 rounds of pistol ammunition.  No reloads

  • Pistol magazine pouch

  • Belt

  • Lunch

  • Water or Gatorade

This course has been certified by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board.  It is not reimbursable by the ILETSB.